Albert Boss

It's a gross generalization to say that professional housekeepers have messy homes, that family therapists have dysfunctional families, and that Web designers have sparse Web pages. But, in my case, it's true that I've spent a lot more time working on other people's Websites than I have on my own.

A few sites I'm proud to have worked on include:

(There are a lot more listed on my resumé.)


Sisyphus is a figure in Greek mythology. He committed a crime against the gods--different accounts tell of different crimes, but all the stories agree he was not a particularly honorable fellow in his life. He's best known for his afterlife, though; he was condemned to an eternity at hard, frustrating labor. In the realm of the dead, he is forced to roll a great boulder to the top of a steep hill. Every time Sisyphus, through his excruciating toil, gets the rock to the summit, the darn thing rolls back down and the whole process starts again--lasting all eternity.

"Sisyphean" refers to something that's both extremely effortful and futile. Like keeping this Website up-to-date, for example.

Professional Societies

My membership in these groups has been of great assistance as I do my job:


I do keep a resumé on-line in case anyone has some work for me.
FAX: (419) 735-1968,